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We take care of everything leather

Handmade in Tofield, Alberta. We care how our products are made, how they fit, how they function, and how they last.

James Built For the Horse

Headstalls, breast collars, mecate slobber straps, halters, nosebands… All hand-tooled, hand-rubbed, hand-stamped and uniquely designed.

James Built Saddles

The beauty of a saddle is in the eye of the beholder… our custom-made saddles are built to suit your personal style, and fit your horse perfectly.

James Built for the Rider

Chaps and chinks, spur straps, gloves, bucking rolls and other accessories can all be custom made to your size and taste – just ask!

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We are a family business owned and operated by Miriam and Randy James, which we have nurtured, loved and perspired over for the last 35 years. We eat, breathe, and sleep making leather products for horses and the people who work with them. What sets us apart from the rest is that we care how our products are made, how they fit, how they function, and how they last. To this end, we take great care in fitting trees to horses, seats to butts, headstalls to heads, and chaps and clothing to people.
So if that means a trip to your yard to fit your horse, we do that too!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to helping you find the right gear for you and your horse!

We specialize in custom leather work

We like to think of ourselves as leather experts – if you need something out of leather, there’s a good chance we have done it at least once, stock it, or would be game to make it again! Just call or email us, we always welcome a challenge!


On this website, unless otherwise noted, we are offering in-stock items for immediate sale and shipping. Should we be temporarily out of stock, you will be informed immediately of a timeline for the delivery of newly manufactured items. We are not limited to these items. If you like what you see, but have one or two changes or additions, please contact us.

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