Custom work

“Never under estimate the power and pleasure a good handcrafted leather item can make in your life.”

We receive great satisfaction from taking the time to sit down with you to create your very own personal saddles, chaps or bags. Whatever you want or need to make your riding discipline easier and more pleasurable, we are there every step of the way.

Custom saddles

The designs are limitless

Custom chaps, chinks or armitas

Working cowboy chaps, buffalo hide chaps, batwing chaps, custom feedlot worker chaps, western chaps, chinks, armitas, batwing chaps, rodeo chaps, show chaps, woolies, half chaps, work chaps, cowboy chaps, buckaroo chaps, feedlot worker chaps, farrier chaps. We do it all! Just contact us with your design in mind, your measurements, and your questions! We’re here to help! You can get started by filling out our “Measuring for your Chaps or Chinks” info sheet to help you with sizing.

Custom saddlebags

You’re heading out to check cattle and you realize a medicine bag is what you need – we can do it!

Custom accessories

Whether it’s white deer hide gloves for Santa, or gauntlet gloves for Queen Elizabeth’s Honor Guard, to rifle scabbards, to duplicating your favorite bag, we bring our leather expertise to the table to complete your project.


“Always fantastic! We always take any of our leather repairs and creative ideas there and end up with a wonderful job done every time. Miriam is so kind and good at answering my questions or any concerns.
Cindy F., Westerose, Alberta

“Excellent service. Very helpful people. For any saddlery and tack and leatherwork help, you might need!”
Lis S., Edmonton, Alberta

“Amazing leatherwork!  Always 5-star products!! Beautiful custom made bridles from Hermann Oak leather.”
Bailey N., Alberta