Accessories for the rider

The following products are a few that we make to aid the rider in making their rides more enjoyable, safer or are necessary. If you have something that you are specifically looking for in those categories, contact us (780) 662-4980 or email us to discuss your needs. 

Bucking rolls & safety strap

Bucking Rolls

Bucking rolls are for the slick fork or A-fork saddle and are sized in medium or large. They are made of various leathers and firmness and are mostly wool stuffed. Bucking rolls may be attached under the slotted concho or washer and screw  in on the side of the saddle. In our design, there is a buckle in the center to tighten. 

A Cowboy Night Latch

A Night Latch is a safety strap attached to a saddle to help the rider hold on and stay on a contrary horse.  This contraption was used as part of old-time traditional cowboy bronc gear and can still come in handy. Today it is still called the night latch or “holy crap” handle, or comes by other names! The James Built Saddlery version buckles around the swell and can be placed either side of the horn for whichever hand you are most likely to use in those highly bouncy situations!


Other accessories for the rider

A soft deer hide riding glove is just what you need for cooler days or a little rough work.