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The beauty of a saddle is in the eye of the beholder… our custom-made saddles are built to suit your personal style, and fit your horse perfectly.

  • JBS daisy pattern on leather
  • Miriam James showing part of saddle
  • James Built Saddlery saddle
  • JBS light saddle seat


Our custom, western saddles are hand made in our shop near Tofield, Alberta Canada. We use North American leather tanned by Wickett & Craig of America which carves and stamps beautifully.

Leather is a natural product and each hide has its own unique qualities, markings, wrinkles and color variables. We embrace those qualities to produce one-of-a-kind saddles. If you come into our store looking for that special saddle, we help you go through the process of selecting each of the parts that will make your saddle unique to you. We add border designs of your choice, new floral patterns and other small details that make you feel like you have a part in the making of your saddle.

We spend countless hours on floral designs and patterns for each saddle using flowers that are native to Alberta for inspiration. On each saddle, we use either solid brass or stainless steel dees and buckles. Horseshoe Brand, Montana Silver or Hansen Silver are some of the brand names. Each fender is molded for your leg and the stirrup leather has been turned to hold the twist, so you can find your stirrup every time. A good quality memory foam is used in padding the seats to help protect your bottom – no two are alike!

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If lifting a heavy saddle is becoming an issue for you, we can lighten up the weight of a saddle without compromising quality. There are several options, just contact us.



On this website, unless otherwise noted, we are offering in-stock items for immediate sale and shipping. Should we be temporarily out of stock, you will be informed immediately of a timeline for the delivery of newly manufactured items. We are not limited to these items. If you like what you see, but have one or two changes or additions, please contact us.