Headstalls & Reins

 The second most important thing for you and your horse is a good fitting headstall and a set of reins the right length and width for your hands.  The brow band or single ear loop should allow room for their ears.  The right length of crown and cheek pieces for their face keeps buckles away from the eyes. The right sized throat latch ensures your horse is comfortable, but ensures the headstall with stay on their head if they rub on something. All James Built headstalls and reins are made out of top quality cowhide leather, whether it’s saddle skirting or English Bridle leather. We use Wickett & Craig saddle skirting for saddles and headstalls and Hermann Oak Old World Harness leather for reins and headstalls. Both of these types of leathers stamp well and stand up to use and time if taken care of properly. See our “How to Wash a Saddle” blog which also will help you when washing bridles or reins.

We try our best to accommodate all that by offering small, medium, large, warmblood and draft sized headstalls. To help you find the right headstall, we’ve included measurements on all our product descriptions, so you can compare our headstalls to what you’re currently using. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll be happy to custom make one for your horse.