Rural Rustic Barn Board Signs


What do you do with a stack of old, rustic barn boards that are taking up space in your barn? That thought has been on my mind for awhile. Burn it? Fill the landfills with it? Well, I used some for displaying our products in the store but that didn’t use it all. Why not turn it into a Rural Rustic Barn Board Sign? Each one is unique from the first; the size, the cut, the bite marks, the amount of weathering.That alone makes these signs uniquely one of a kind. I’ve been having fun designing signs for my friends and customers.There’s been everything from Celtic knots, cattle brands, funny sayings to words of wisdom.

The signs are laser engraved and are varnished for outside and inside display. If you want to paint the design, I would need to know before I finish them. If old barn boards aren’t your style, I also do signs on recycled boards that are relatively clean and also on new wood.

These are the first in my Rustic series. See for yourself!